Copps Island – Norwalk CT

Harvested on the renowned oyster beds of the Norwalk/Westport Island Chain where shallow waters, swift currents and sandy bottoms provide the conditions necessary for raising our wild oysters.  Bottom planting as opposed to cage or floating trays, gives these oysters much greater variation offlavor, shape and size.  A favorite of Queen Victoria’s amongst many others, our oysters are famous for their unparalleled freshness, sweet briny flavor and plump meats. 

Availability: Year round

Size: Approx. 3.5 inches

Flavor: Sweet, slightly briny, plump and a hint of ivory

Shell Finish: Not all oysters are created equal. Unlike hatchery-raised oysters, these bad boys live in the wild causing each shell and oyster to be unique in shape and color.

Mystics – Noank CT

Harvested in the pristine waters of Mystic, CT, our oyster beds are located at the mouth of the Mystic River, where nutrient-rich waters mix with the oceanic waters of Fishers Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.  Mystics are a 100% sustainable product cultivated by Aeros Cultured Oysters, who have been producing some of the regions highest quality oysters for decades. A pioneer in the “cultured” method of farming oysters, Aeros is known for its revolutionary fusion of science and traditional oyster farming techniques that have shaped the oyster industry into what it is today.

Availability: Year round (Requires a days notice prior to shipment)

Size: Approx. 3.5 inches

Flavor: Balance of brine, sweetness and a hint of mineral

Shell Finish: Beautiful round shells with a green hue on the outside of the cupped shell.  The inside shell is white, holding a nice plump creamy morsel of satisfaction.

Ram Island- Noank, CT

A wild oyster harvested in Fishers Island sound by Aeros Cultered Oysters in partnership with Norm Bloom & Son. We use traditional cultivation methods to grow and harvest Ram Island oysters, similar to Copps Island oysters. 

Availability: Year round

Size: Approx. 3.5 inches

Flavor: Mostly briny with a clean and crisp finish like the taste of the ocean.