Shucking 101

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh oysters
  • A high-quality shucking knife (shucker’s preference)
  • Oyster glove or kitchen towel
  • A great attitude!

How the "Shuck" Do I Open This Thing?!


Place the oyster cup-side down on a sturdy surface (cutting board or table). For beginners, we recommend using a kitchen towel or a steel mesh glove while handling for protection. 


Find the “hinge” at the bottom tip of the oyster that separates the two shells.


Hold the oyster down firmly with your towel or glove. Take your knife and begin to wiggle with pressure where the hinge is located. (Remember to point your knife in a downward position as opposed to flat to avoid any accidents)


Once the tip of the knife is under the hinge, turn it like a key to slightly pop the shell open. 


Scrape the knife along the TOP of the shell to separate the muscle. To serve the perfect looking oyster, try not to chop the meat when following this step. When you remove the top shell, be sure to clean any grout or mud that may be alongside the inner edge of the bottom shell.


The final step is to separate the oyster meat from the bottom shell by sliding your knife along the BOTTOM of the meat to cut the abductor muscle. 



Serve on a tray of ice, with lemon, cocktail sauce, red vinegar, or mignonette sauce or simply enjoy the taste of the ocean and eat them raw.