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Copps Island oyster’s are a gem here in CT. We are so lucky to have these delicious little treasures here. I use them all the time, pop up dinners, caterings parties at my house! Unbelievable oysters harvested by even better people!
— Chef Plum, private/ personal chef and TV personality
Norm Bloom & Son with their Copps Island Oysters is the most consistent, honest & charitable company I have the pleasure of working with!  The oysters are gorgeous & delicious every time, everyone in the “family” is true to their craft & word, and they NEVER say no! Thank you for your tireless effort in keeping our waters safe and full of delicious creatures that we get to cook with!
— Matt Storch, Chef/owner of Match Restaurant, NOM-EEZ, The Chelsea
Copps Island oysters are the preeminent “Blue Point” oyster. These oysters are consistently culled, have great shell strength, and have a nice clean and crisp taste. Top that off with great pricing and genuine folks who are a pleasure to do business with and you simply can’t ask for anything more.
— Davis Herron Director, Retail & Restaurant Division Lobster Place Seafood Market / Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar
I have personally known Norm Bloom and his family in East Norwalk for over 50 years. The oysters grown by Norm Bloom & Son under name Copps Island Oysters are consistent in size, meat quality, and have the right balance of salinity, and sweetness. Copps Island Oysters are my favorite choice of Eastern oysters, and always choose them when visiting my favorite oyster bars.

Norman and the crew at Copps Island Oysters go out of their way to offer the ultimate in customer service and quality control, resulting in perfect oysters from clean, cold, Connecticut waters.
— Bill Whitbeck, Photographer, Author of The Joy of Oysters

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